The singer/songwriter and musician Sara Indrio

Saras music has a bohemian leisure to it that is heard through out all her albums recorded within the timeframe of 15 years. It has high artistic ambitions but is distinctly popular music lending from jazz, folk, world and classical music. Her music crosses genres like Sara Indrio has crossed cultures and stages all her life.

The early years
Sara Indrio comes from an academic and politically active family. Her mother is an internationally acclaimed architect, Anne Maria Indrio, and her late father was a painter and architect teaching at the Royal Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen for more that 30 years. Her brother, Ian Ion, was one of the pioneers in Danish electronic music.

It was therefor natural for Sara to start her musical education at the age of six. During her teens she left the classical training behind and already at 17 she was admitted to the Conservatory for contemporary music in Copenhagen with Latin American percussion as main instrument.

Her career was kick started short after Swedish pop/funk icon Eric Gadd decided to take this young Danish musician aboard his funky ship for a tour in Sweden in 1995. This was to be the first of many tours to come in Sweden for the sought after, young session musician.

The switch from back of stage to front of stage
After 5 years, she graduated none the less and came back from Stockholm to work predominantly in Denmark. She played all major stages, shows, events, recordings etc. So where to go from such a high peak at such an early age? In 2004 Sara released her own album as a singer/songwriter. Transcending the craft of one particular instrument, and seeking to combine poetry and lyrics with her music, Sara sought challenges in composition and was well rewarded when her debut was released. Reviewers where thrilled and Denmark’s hippest magazineSoundvenuewrote:

“She is the kind of musician who understands how to fully implement what she’s best at and make the best possible use of her talent. With While We Dream, Sara Indrio establishes herself as one of the most interesting and promising singer/songwriters in Denmark at the moment”

The artistic development
There was no stopping this multi-talented artist from pursuing her art and in the following years Sara plays everything from organ to electric bass on her recordings. Musicianship turned into a form of expression instead of a craft. And so it happened that her career became focused on composing, producing, recording and being a bandleader. Transcending both genres and instruments she

released five albums that vary a lot one from the other. But there is a red line, that colleague, friend and internationally acclaimed musician, Niels Lan Doky describes like this:

“Spite the fact that Sara is founded in the singer/songwriter tradition her music expresses a unique voice and atmosphere. Her lyrics are poetic, existential tales about life in modern society addressing all those challenges, emotions and question marks that we all can identify with. It’s always enriching to hear Sara sing her songs and you walk away with a sensation that you are a little bit wiser on life and that your soul was massaged by this beautiful music supplementing the lyrics in a well-balanced symbiosis.”

Coming home to the jazz
Recently the compositions show ever more elements of jazz and world, which shows in the most recent releases, Blodrød Måneand Sara Indrio & The Latin Collective Vol. 1, where she revives her rooting in Latin American music by bringing the Filin’ genre back to life in a mix of covers and new compositions paying tribute to this bygone era in music. The album was nominated to a Danish Music Award in the World Music Category and points towards an even loser approach to genres and language boundaries.

In the spring of 2020 Sara was nominated by colleagues to become chairman of the board at the Danish Artist Union, a position to which she was reelected in 2022. In 2023 she plans to release two albums: The Prosody Of Everything due on the 14th of June with guitarist Alejandro Sancho as well as her latest solo album. 

Among the many artists Sara has played with here are a few:
European Youth Orkestra, The Savage Rose (DK), Dilba (SE), Gian Luigi Trovesi (IT), Sanne Salomonsen (DK), Alberte Winding (DK), Øystein Ruud (NO), Ivan Pedersen (DK), Tomas Di Leva (DK), Mpiri (FO), Martin Hall (DK), Nikolai Nørlund (DK), Meja (SE), Band Au Neon (IT), Rebecka Tornqvist (SE), Speaker Bite Me (DK), Eric Gadd (SE), Bo Kaspers Orkester (SE), Cecilie Norby (DK), Kaya Brüel (DK), Drori/Hansen Furniture (DK), Garbo (DK), Per Kristensen Band (DK), Aske Jakoby (DK), Niels Hausgaard.
and Peter Sommer. 
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